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How is your self-talk today?

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According to Yvonne Oswald, author of Your Every Word Has Power, “Your self talk produces 100 percent of your results”, and I fully agree with this concept. I believe that the words you speak either propel you forward, toward your goals, or they slow you down…in fact, it seems to me, that your words truly do create your life. Studies show that low energy words such as it’s difficult, I’m worried, it’s hard or I’m stressed, stimulate negative emotional responses in the middle brain, or what some call the reptilian brain. High-energy words such as...

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Tip: You truly can “Imagine” the life you want

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Tip: You truly can “Imagine” the life you want to live into becoming your reality…in this present time where science and spirituality are agreeing more and more on the concept that thoughts and words become things, I feel more certain than ever that an active imagination is intrinsic to personal expansion and evolution. The transformation of your life can begin with your next thought or decision…what if you did it with purpose? Rather than choosing to watch a violent tv show how about spending 30 minutes imagining experiences and things that would create joy for you....

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Activate Your Wish List

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Today is a good day for special focus on something new that you wish to create in your life. Be it a condition or relationship that you wish to shift, change or heal, be sure to spend some extra time and energy honoring and activating your desire, by adding creative energy as well as an upgraded level of intention and a firm commitment to the idea. Take advantage of this perfect time for dreaming both “big” and “outside the box” while our Universe’s energy is aligned for encouraging “deconstruction” and “activation” you may notice that...

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Just a reminder of the power of intention…we can each make big improvements in our life and relationships with focus on our intentions…and here is a wonderful tool for creating big shifts for higher vibration experiences…Ho’oponopono, is an ancient Hawaiian healing art that essentially means “make it right”. Ho’oponopono is used to cleanse and restore balance and provide an immediate sense of peace and relaxation. It is traditionally used to repair relationships and rebuild family harmony – but written or spoken, Ho’oponopono can be used...

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“I Dont Know..”

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These are innocent sounding words aren’t they? Let’s take a closer look together…recently I found myself saying “I don’t know” very frequently…I even heard myself say “the older I get, the less I know”. No red lights or sirens going off as I continually reiterated these ideas. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! With the help of Spirit, it came to me that for a very long time I have been diminishing my experience of expressing my unlimited, infinite potential with these words. I had come to feel wonderfully nonresistant and even...

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