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Monday, December 21st, marks this year’s winter solstice. This is the time that marks the darkest moment of the year just before the light arrives. As we see human consciousness transitioning to more light at this time, this is the perfect symbolism to hold in our heart and mind to add to the momentum of our spiritual evolution. Now, is a perfect time to develop an attitude of forgiveness of any and all of the past shortcomings of mankind (including yourself) over all of time. This is a time for renewal, intention setting and affirmations. Begin now, to lay the groundwork for the way you want the next year to unfold, and then focus on gratitude for all of the evolution you have created for yourself over the past year through your consciousness practices. Next allow yourself to enjoy everything about being you, in a body, on this planet, right now. Namaste and happy...

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December 8-15, 2015 As we shake the feelings of last week that had many of us thinking that all we knew for sure was that we didn’t know anything for sure, we may wonder, “how it is possible that from yesterday to today, we can to feel so much better?”. Well, that’s what can happen during times of transition. So now, with these new feelings of well-being, we can add intention to the evolution we are experiencing. Let’s remember that during transition, all things are possible. These changes can only be limited by our false, limiting beliefs. So let’s add power to the changes in ourselves and our life by adding high vibrations to our experience. We can all add more beauty, laughter, music, dancing or getting out in nature, to our lives, right? Let’s dance into the unknown and leave behind the old habits of the known that no longer serve us. Let’s have life and have it...

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December 1-7, 2015 This month we are in a time of powerful transition on a planetary level and for the first seven days of December we may want to pay special attention to any feelings of fight or flight…you may even notice unusual feelings of fear or perhaps experience unfounded concerns at this time…just notice these feelings and know that when the collective consciousness shifts, as it is doing now, we just naturally feel the “unknown” looming out ahead of us and that can feel a bit scary. Know that just like turning on a light chases away the dark, just noticing these low vibration feelings dissipates the fear…so again, go easy with yourself during this time of transition, and set your intention toward showing compassion and support to those around you who have no idea why they maybe having feelings of fear, sadness or possibly even depression at this time…you don’t need to explain to them what they are not ready to hear, just have patience and an open heart for both yourself and those around you this week....

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