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Mercury Goes Direct!!!

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Just a reminder that the planet Mercury goes direct today and just in time for Valentines Day… It would be odd to find many sojourners who have no awareness of Valentines Day…so there is an enormous amount of collective focused energy going towards Love at the moment…what it is? how it shows up, if you have it, if you don’t have it, and what your relationship is with it. This February is the month of “improvement”… The perfect opportunity to improve our personal relationship with love and to remember and acknowledge the unconditional love that always...

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For me, surrender refers to allowing yourself to be in a state of physical, mental, and emotional inaction which can create an energetic space for Divine Presence and Divine activity. It is a state of neutrality which allows events to just unfold without limitation, judgment or resistance. Making the following statements out loud or silently can bring about beautiful shifts in your life…use only those statements that feel right for you…. I surrender all anxieties I have about relationships and allow love to come into my life. I surrender my fears and allow Divine Wisdom to guide me. I...

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