Tip: You truly can “Imagine” the life you want

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Tip: You truly can “Imagine” the life you want to live into becoming your reality…in this present time where science and spirituality are agreeing more and more on the concept that thoughts and words become things, I feel more certain than ever that an active imagination is intrinsic to personal expansion and evolution. The transformation of your life can begin with your next thought or decision…what if you did it with purpose? Rather than choosing to watch a violent tv show how about spending 30 minutes imagining experiences and things that would create joy for you. It makes no difference whether these things you imagine are already present in your life or are being hoped for, your focus on them opens the way for their manifestation into your life…remember that on this planet, through the Law of Attraction, “like energy attracts like”…imagine yourself “being” the qualities you want to “live” and watch the transformation of your life! Namaste Sent from my iPad