How is your self-talk today?

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According to Yvonne Oswald, author of Your Every Word Has Power, “Your self talk produces 100 percent of your results”, and I fully agree with this concept. I believe that the words you speak either propel you forward, toward your goals, or they slow you down…in fact, it seems to me, that your words truly do create your life. Studies show that low energy words such as it’s difficult, I’m worried, it’s hard or I’m stressed, stimulate negative emotional responses in the middle brain, or what some call the reptilian brain. High-energy words such as excitement, joy, love, and clarity, create higher vibration feelings and can stimulate optimism in the brain, which can even encourage “possibility thinking” and stimulate your imagination. Joyful thoughts, words, and actions create vibrations which can go forward toward manifesting the life you truly desire….doesn’t this way of thinking encourage you to begin creating your life on purpose through exercising your power to choose the thoughts and words that you use??? May you choose thoughts and words that will enable you to manifest a truly wonderful reality for yourself… Namaste