Activate Your Wish List

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Today is a good day for special focus on something new that you wish to create in your life. Be it a condition or relationship that you wish to shift, change or heal, be sure to spend some extra time and energy honoring and activating your desire, by adding creative energy as well as an upgraded level of intention and a firm commitment to the idea. Take advantage of this perfect time for dreaming both “big” and “outside the box” while our Universe’s energy is aligned for encouraging “deconstruction” and “activation” you may notice that you feel greatly inspired with the feeling of unlimited potential at this time… recognize that anything and everything is possible for you now! If you read our earlier posts from January 4th until now and created your lists, this would be a good time to recall what things in your life you want to release or deconstruct…and then bring to mind those things you desire to activate….give your list attention and intention and make it all happen with ease and flow as the moon and stars are aligned to act as your assistants! Take full advantage of this powerful planetary alignment….Namaste