“I Dont Know..”

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These are innocent sounding words aren’t they? Let’s take a closer look together…recently I found myself saying “I don’t know” very frequently…I even heard myself say “the older I get, the less I know”. No red lights or sirens going off as I continually reiterated these ideas. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! With the help of Spirit, it came to me that for a very long time I have been diminishing my experience of expressing my unlimited, infinite potential with these words. I had come to feel wonderfully nonresistant and even admirably humble in my “I don’t know….”. I had been asking guidance from my spiritual team on nearly every experience or question that would arise for me moment by moment in wishing to be the best person possible. During a recent meditation I asked Spirit to speak louder and more clearly so that I wouldn’t mistakenly think or do the “wrong thing”. Well, Spirit spoke loudly and clearly with the following message…. “You are part of …and truly an intrinsic part of …the ever evolving eternal consciousness of all that is …you have guides, you have angels, guardian angels, ascended masters etc… to help you …to teach you…to aid you in your conscious evolution… which is required in the collective consciousness… these guides and angels are not a substitute for your own eternal evolution… they are to validate, teach and assist, along the way of your own personal evolution… they are helpers …you are required to do your own evolving with their help… Your higher self is your greatest guide and it is wise to seek validation rather than direction from your angels and guides…” After receiving this message I started to see how I was relying less and less on my own experience and my own knowing of things and deferring to an already prescribed “what is” rather than creating a new and evolved “what is” from my own experience and knowing…I began searching for what “I do know” and then asking only for clarity and validation from Spirit. I had lost sight of the purpose for being a spirit in a body here on this planet…and that purpose is to co-create my life “with Spirit”. Namaste