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Inner Calm

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Today let’s talk about Inner Calm. A calm mind is essential for living consciously, this is a trait that you can possess if you will make the decision to develop your focus and attention. Meditation is a great way to get started, if you have tried meditation in the past and didn’t feel successful please try it again! We now have several mediation classes going on here at the store. You can also begin your journey to a calm mind with yoga or Tai Chi or even just sitting in quiet contemplation. Calming the mind is vital to developing a life of ease and flow, to master a sport,...

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Forgiveness Let’s talk about forgiveness today…this isn’t a subject that comes up for me personally very often as it’s my experience that the pain I ever suffer that would normally require my forgiveness is always caused by my response to someone else’s words or actions…the other person has really just told me who they are by their deeds and have given me an opportunity to interact with them on the level of who they truly are…that doesn’t mean I don’t cause myself to suffer for awhile…I often do…and then, I see the truth of...

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Awareness: Begin to LIVE your life rather than THINK your life. It seems like this month of January, in this new year, is full of hope, full of a fresh new feeling of possibilities. Well, the reality is that any moment in linear time is the time for new beginnings and possibilities. In all that I teach and learn I find the Universal Truth to be that we are powerful beyond our own comprehension. We truly do create our own reality through our thoughts, words and feelings and I think that because that seems too easy to be true, and because almost all of us have been indoctrinated with the lie...

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