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Awareness: Begin to LIVE your life rather than THINK your life. It seems like this month of January, in this new year, is full of hope, full of a fresh new feeling of possibilities. Well, the reality is that any moment in linear time is the time for new beginnings and possibilities. In all that I teach and learn I find the Universal Truth to be that we are powerful beyond our own comprehension. We truly do create our own reality through our thoughts, words and feelings and I think that because that seems too easy to be true, and because almost all of us have been indoctrinated with the lie that life is hard…and because reasoning and reacting are the things that helped man become the dominant species on this planet… that through unconscious living and false beliefs…we have given our minds a tremendous amount of power over ourselves… We think and reason and come to so many false conclusions and beliefs about how we should be more, or better or more successful,or how we have been wronged… that our thoughts can begin to take over …we can forget how to feel and how to have fun..we forget how to feel joy…or how to experience beauty…or how to feel love….we think about these things and hope and wish for these things but we are so busy figuring out why we don’t have them …or how they would feel if we did have them…that we forget that all we really need to do is get out of our mind and into our life. So today as we live…let our focus on feeling and experiencing….no need to be in your mind … Instead of thinking your life journey let yourself “feel it”!