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For me, surrender refers to allowing yourself to be in a state of physical, mental, and emotional inaction which can create an energetic space for Divine Presence and Divine activity. It is a state of neutrality which allows events to just unfold without limitation, judgment or resistance. Making the following statements out loud or silently can bring about beautiful shifts in your life…use only those statements that feel right for you…. I surrender all anxieties I have about relationships and allow love to come into my life. I surrender my fears and allow Divine Wisdom to guide me. I surrender my need for approval and accept myself the way I am. I surrender any need I think I have for unhealthy foods and I now support my body temple with beneficial, nutritious food I surrender all thoughts that I am unlovable, my heart is now open and I radiate love. I surrender all negative thoughts and fill my mind with gratitude for my wonderful life. In a state of surrender without attachment as to how or when things must occur, we become receptive and obedient to the new Inner voice, which may offer opportunities and possibilities which we have not previously even considered. A daily surrender practice can bring blessings to all that you do, all that you have, and all that you are… Namaste