You…in this moment

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> > You…in this moment > Who are you? What do you think? What do you believe? If you ever ponder these questions, know that the answers are everywhere around you, for in truth all that you do, say, and think, are out pictured in the life you are living. Your thoughts, words and beliefs are creating the experience you are having that you see as your life. Our beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking…information from the time of our birth until the present is stored in our subconscious mind. The beliefs of others and our early experience are controlling 70 to 90% of our everyday life, and should we leave all of these beliefs unchallenged, we will just continue to live the life we have going on right now. Old beliefs can hold us prisoner to our present circumstances. Many of us have been conditioned from early on to believe that we must adjust our behavior in order to make others happy, even if it’s at the expense of denying our own true self. This belief can create a lifetime of denying all of our own personal dreams, desires and talents in order to feel safe and loved by others. It is my belief that when we live from our own, personal Divine truth, and when we stop trying to gain our sense of worthiness by pleasing others, we automatically bring more joy into our life and into the lives of everyone around us. By doing so, others can have the opportunity to create their own true happiness and they can stop depending upon us for their happiness. When we rely on affection and approval from outside ourselves we often remain in a state of fear and experience frequent feelings of vulnerability in the knowing that this conditional kind of love and approval by others can be taken away in an instant; yet true power can only come from loving ourselves unconditionally. That power cannot ever be taken away! If it sounds like I’m teaching selfishness, I am; for in truth we can only be self. When we truly honor our authentic self we can tap into our infinite potential, we are here for the experience of being self. We have only this one chance to have this unique experience of being consciousness expressing In human form, on this planet, at this time. So give it your best effort!!! Namaste