New Moon In Gemini

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Just a reminder that we have some interesting and powerful moon cycles upon us. So how do we take advantage of this? Full Moons are thought to be a perfect time for releasing all that is not working for us in our lives…this can be things, habits, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, etc. New Moons are said to be the time to set your intentions for “new” in your life. The time to get clear and ask for what you truly want in your life. So, how does this work? For me, I see the moon as “Spirit” expressing as the moon. The list making, and the ritual of gazing at the moon with my intentions, fills me with belief that “with Spirit, all things are possible”…and then I watch, without attachment, for the manifestation of the items on my list to appear in my reality. So this next Tuesday, June 16th we will see the New Moon in Gemini…this is not only a good time for new beginnings, but an auspicious time for “do overs”. Enthusiasm is always helpful, however due to the current close proximity of Mars, with its aggressive energy, be sure to temper things a bit when what you want requires you to negotiate with others. This new moon is about communication so be sure to heed this advice in order to keep your conversations calm and productive and moving toward your goal. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful New Gemini Moon and will prepare for the two full moons in July! Namaste