Living The Power of Now

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Everywhere we turn in the metaphysical world, and these days even in the mainstream media, we hear about the importance of living in the now. It seems the first response I hear from my students when I propose this lesson is what I call “arguing for your limitations”. They often exclaim, “I live in the real world…I have to make plans for the future and I can’t just forget about my past.” Let’s take a look at what living in the now really means. For me it means living in your current circumstance…basing your thoughts and actions on “what is, right now”…finding joy right now. When we bring our attention to the present moment we become “conscious “…we are then living with attention or “presence” and we then think, act and make conscious choices in the present…what it doesn’t mean to me is sitting in a “la la land” state of mind while not thinking of anything…in fact I believe it’s quite the opposite…it is experiencing the here and now without your mind narrating your current experience with information from your past or with fears from your future. It can also allow you to feel your joy now, rather than postponing it until you lose the weight, get the job or find true love. Practice giving your full attention to your current moment in time, truly having an experience rather than having your mind describe and judge what experience you are having, and should you hear your personality/ego narrating this moment with your past, your future or criticisms, or judgments of any kind …just stop center and bring your attention the “now”. A life lived with conscious attention and in the “now” is an experience you don’t want to miss! Namaste Sent from my iPad