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> Of the Seven Spirtual Laws, the law for Tuesday is the law of Karma > > Karma has a negative implication, and yet in very literal terms simply means any instance of cause and effect. Remember how I tell you that your choices create your reality? This is the law that puts that in motion….for every choice you make brings about some result…good, bad or indifferent. > > Karma, then, involves awareness in several areas: witnessing how choices get made, evaluating their outcome, and listening to your heart, the place where subtle emotional signals indicate when actions are right or wrong. > > The critical factor in being a good choice maker is usually not the rational reason for doing one thing as opposed to another but how each choice felt. This is because, intuition is a subtler response than reason. Evaluating cause and effect is more emotional than intellectual: our hearts tell us when an action is right or wrong or in some gray zone of doubt. > > lWhether you like it or not, everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you’ve made in the past. When you make choices unconsciously, you don’t think they are choices, and yet they are. You think the world is swirling by throwing circumstances your way randomly….and as long as you stay on “autopilot” this will remain the case. > > But, if you step back a moment and witness the choices you are making, then in just this act of witnessing you take the process from the unconscious into the conscious realm. In every situation, there is one choice out of the many available that will create happiness for you as well as for those around you. > > So today’s first activity is in each choice you make throughout this day…prior to making that choice, take a beat…and a breath..and ..feel how it feels to make one choice vs another…and watch how this assists your decision making. > > The next activity is to talk to your kids, your significant other or your BFF about a choice you have made in the past that brought about a good result….and also one that may not have had such a good result…see how maybe taking a minute to really feel what the outcome may or may not involve might have changed your actions and thus the effect. > > Make today wonderful for yourself by consciously choosing the most pleasing actions in each situation that arises.