July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn

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July 1st @ 7:19pm pdt Full Moon in Capricorn Key Words: Power, Challenge, Action Focus: Personal Development Polarity seems to be a main theme for this moon…we may see both challenge and opportunity this month so being vigilant in nonresistance will be key. Relax into the push pull of the planetary energy at this time as this may be the perfect time to release any old emotional patterns in exchange for a powerful wholeness. This month may feel like puberty all over again as you may feel the call to grow and develop and at once feeling overwhelmed. This is the time to call on what you “know”…you are never at the mercy of the planetary alignment…they are there for opportunities for growth if you will just focus and align your energy. Helpful tools will be physical exercise, meditation, laughter and nature. Stay aware, stay conscious, recognize how wonderfully far you’ve come thus far as a result of your spiritual practices!!! Namaste