I Am Myself….

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In the book “Guardian’s of Being”, Echart Tolle tells us that humans say, “I love myself” or “I hate myself”…the dog says “woof, woof” which translated means, “I am myself” This is a very simple way of teaching a very powerful pearl of wisdom. When we understand that upon entering this world, we not only took on a body to use for the expression of our Higher Self or Soul, we also took on a personality or ego as it is often called. It doesn’t take long for a young human to see that pleasing others produces positive results, often at the expense of true self expression. Soon we are busy telling ourselves who we “should” be rather than, like the dog, saying, “I am myself”. We can achieve the contentment that the dog experiences by quieting our mind, centering, and then feeling and knowing our soul level self and allowing those words to permeate our entire being… “I am myself”. Really allow yourself to feel, on every level of your being, your true Spirit Nature. There you will find your perfection and the voice that once was so noisy with self criticism will become more and more quiet. Over time and with practice the personality/ego will fill the role of its original purpose…to express your Higher Self. Namaste