Have you noticed how fast life is going?

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Have you noticed how fast life is going? I frequently hear people talking about that idea. In the past I thought time flying by was a bad thing…if we have only a finite time here in this current lifetime I sure don’t want it to fly by. That is no longer my perspective…I can see clearly now that I was using my attention to be resistant to what is…how silly when the great teachers have told us that resistance to “what is” is the root of suffering! So today I want to share with you a little method I use to make the most of every “present moment”…I can keep myself out of the past by agreeing that my past was like a movie…everyone playing their part…each player perfectly playing their own roll. No matter what happened in that movie, it isn’t happening now…that movie ends when I agree that it’s over…Seeing “the end” to that old story frees me to live in the “now”. When I remain in the present I’m free to create a new movie with a whole new storyline…I write the script,with me of course in the lead role. That gives me freedom and license to live an entirely new story of my own creation! I invite you to use this small but mighty technique for yourself and I’d love to hear your results and answer any any questions you may have about how to use it? Namaste