Activate The Life You Desire

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Happy 2015! Today is a great day to express your personal power in creating the life you desire. We hear over and over that words become things…our thoughts create our experience…but where do we begin to make changes?…this is a perfect day to see how truly powerful you are because tonight at 8:53 PM (pst) we will have a full moon in our sky that is all about “activation”. So let’s all take advantage of this opportunity to step up and claim our birthright of “every good thing” by spending some time and focus today on taking an active part in creating our own life experience. Get paper and pen or keyboard and ask yourself “what is it that I truly want in my life”?…please be sure that this is “unconditional”… Not what do I think is really possible in my life (by the way, that thinking is how you got where you are right now)…but instead, ask without conditions, what do I really want in my life??? Make that list and do your best to live this day as if those things you want in your life are already true…how would you feel if your desires had already manifested and you could see them…feel those feelings of peace, security, freedom and Love…then tonight spend some time outdoors under this new moon with your wish list and just surrender your desires to Spirit, who is expressing tonight as this new moon that is purported to be perfect for “activating” something new. We highly recommend taking advantage of this energy in a “big” way…go all out for what you really, truly desire…be brave enough to ask for prosperity, a loving relationship….anything you want…go big!!! Just do it! And we would LOVE to hear about your personal experience from this intention exercise so keep us posted… Namaste